We offer a highly-specialist advisory and knowledge transfer service.

What we do

Using data for improvement

Using data for improvement

As the UK’s largest national clinical audit commissioner, we have highly-specialist expertise to support you:

  • Use our national clinical audit benchmarking service (NCAB) to see how you are performing
  • Access training on how audit data can drive improvement
Development and innovation

Development and innovation

We have a wealth of experience working with – and influencing – policy makers, healthcare funders and service providers through:

  • Policy roundtables and think-tanks to drive ideation and options analysis
  • Harnessing the insights of partners, patients and clinicians for research
  • Conducting feasibility studies and pilot projects to test for solutions
Achieving change

Achieving change

Our unrivalled network of multi-professional experts can help you achieve the change you need:

  • Access external and independent assurance of your plans and work to date to support discussions with inspectors, commissioners and other key stakeholders
  • Receive objective reviews of service reconfiguration proposals and new business models
  • Find out how to achieve effective patient and public involvement
Understanding the difference you make

Understanding the difference you make

We can help you to evidence your performance and identify opportunities for progress through:

  • Measuring and monitoring progress against standards
  • Advising on quality improvement techniques for performance
  • Evaluating patient and public satisfaction with your services

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For more details about how we could help your organisation, email [email protected]

World leaders in improving healthcare systems and services through quality assurance

We manage the national clinical audit and patient outcomes programme on behalf of the NHS. We have detailed knowledge and experience of evaluating and improving health outcomes through the use of data. We apply careful and thoughtful approaches ensuring appropriate information governance. We pride ourselves on our open and adaptable approach to involving patients, patient representatives and carers in all our work. Find out how our knowledge and services can help you.

Why choose to work with us?

We are an independent organisation led by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, Royal College of Nursing and National Voices. We are supported by an advisory group of patients, patient representatives and carers, the Service User Network (SUN). We collaborate closely with local and regional clinical audit colleagues via the National Quality Improvement including Clinical Audit Network (NQICAN).

We collaborate with charitable funders to support innovation, research and improvement in health and social care. We are currently drawing on support from Health Foundation Q Fellows to develop a national clinical audit benchmarking data-sharing platform for quality improvement, and exploring how to support national clinical audits to do more to support local quality improvement activity.

We work closely with expert partners to support the accreditation of clinical services and demonstrate the impact of accreditation in achieving high quality clinical services. We’re currently working with the British Standards Institute, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, Care Quality Commission, and three Royal Colleges (the Royal College of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Nursing and Royal College of Physicians).

Contact us
For more details about how we could help your organisation, email [email protected]

Case studies

Clinical service reconfiguration for an NHS Trust undergoing merger

Clinical service reconfiguration for an NHS Trust undergoing merger »

A partnership of three NHS Trusts approached HQIP to act as a 'critical friend' to check and challenge their thinking in the implementation of a major reconfiguration of vascular services.

Leading multi-disciplinary teams towards consensus

Leading multi-disciplinary teams towards consensus »

The team at HQIP is highly skilled at convening groups of multi-professional experts across fields and disciplines to work through challenges and arrive at consensus decisions that lead to improved patient care.

National Clinical Audit induction

National Clinical Audit induction »

HQIP offer full induction days for individuals or groups on the national clinical audit and patient outcomes programme (NCAPOP).

Who we work with

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