Data, insights and service evaluation

…raw data is not powerful on its own. It must be shaped, checked and curated into shape” Ben Goldacre (2022)

As the longstanding commissioner of the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP) for NHS England, we understand healthcare quality data. We know that effective healthcare improvement requires a thoughtful, data-informed approach and ongoing learning in order for high-quality outcomes to be achieved. We also know that, in a pressured health system, there’s limited time and resources to step back and think.

At HQIP, we focus on delivering considered, thoughtful insights that provide real value to those we work with. Our projects range from large and complex national studies to small local projects. However, whatever the scale, we offer truly bespoke support, incorporating the most appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods to meet your needs.

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Find out more about how we can support you in relation to data, insights and service evaluation (pdf, with other related resources, you can download and share with others):

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