Clinical Audit Awareness Week

Clinical Audit Awareness Week is a national annual campaign to promote and celebrate the benefits and impact of clinical audit and quality improvement work in healthcare. This includes hospitals, GP practices, hospices and residential nursing care.

In consultation with the National Quality Improvement (incl. Clinical Audit) Network (N-QI-CAN), it has been decided that Clinical Audit Awareness Week (CAAW) will not be held in November 2021. Instead, we are currently exploring the feasibility of hosting this event in the spring of 2022, when we hope that Trusts will be in a better position – and have more capacity – to engage with both the build-up to and the event itself.

This decision has been taken in response to expected winter pressures in addition to additional workload related to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic likely to be encountered by Trusts in the autumn
(see the full announcement here).

As part of our planning, we are reviewing the impact of CAAWs from previous years. Since this information will be used to inform and shape the next event, we are pleased to share our interim findings with the clinical audit community and other sector stakeholders in the form of a short report:

Evaluation: Clinical Audit Awareness Week, 2019/2020

In the meantime, we will endeavour to support any Trusts that are able to hold their own local clinical audit celebratory events by, for example, sharing details on social media. If you are aware of any such events, then please get in touch.

Audit Heroes Awards 2020

The Audit Heroes Awards are the highlight of Clinical Audit Awareness Week. They are an opportunity to highlight the wonderful work taking place all over the country to improve health care for patients and users of services. Visit our Audit Heroes Awards 2020 outcomes page to see details of our winners and highly commended entries.

Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame showcases previous nominees for Audit Heroes Awards in recognition of their work and effort to improve the standard of health and care delivered to patients. From 2020, in response to the increasing popularity of the awards, only shortlisted entries were included.