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  • About Quality Accounts
  • NHS England Quality Accounts List
  • 2020/21 Scoping Survey
  • NHS England Quality Accounts List inclusion criteria
  • NHS Wales National Clinical Audit and Outcome Review Plan
  • HQIP National Clinical Audit and Enquiries Directory

About Quality Accounts

A Quality Account is a written report, which providers of NHS services are required to publish on the NHS England website each June, summarising the quality of their services during the previous financial year. Publication fulfils providers obligation to submit the report to the Secretary of State. One of the elements included in the Quality Account relates to clinical audit.

The Quality Account requires details of the trust’s clinical audit participation for each of the national audits they participate in, along with information related to improvements responding to clinical audit report recommendations.

This page houses the annual NHS England Quality Accounts List, and a link to HQIP’s National Clinical Audit & Enquiries Directory (The Directory). It also provides further information and guidance to Healthcare service providers around Quality Accounts.

The NHS England Quality Accounts List is made available each January, comprising national audits, clinical outcome review programmes and other quality improvement projects that NHS England advises Trusts to prioritise for participation during the forthcoming financial year. The Quality Accounts List supports the Quality Accounts written report that Trusts must publish each June on NHS Choices website, which includes information regarding national clinical audit participation.

Healthcare service providers use the Quality Accounts List to plan which national projects they will participate in during the following financial year. Inclusion in the Quality Accounts List can, therefore, lead to increased participation by healthcare providers in your projects.

NHS England Quality Accounts List

The Quality Accounts List should be reviewed in conjunction with HQIP’s Guidance on Quality Accounts. The guidance outlines the legislative requirements for quality accounts, the statutory function of the List, and the requirements for Trusts.

NHS England Quality Accounts List 2019/20 (amended April and July 2019)

Annual Scoping Survey

2020-21 Scoping Survey link : https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LZ8PMHV

The NHS England Quality Accounts List is scoped during Autumn of each year.

Providers of national audit and national quality improvement programme projects, running in 2020-21, who would like to be considered for inclusion on the Quality Accounts List, can complete the short survey linked above by 5pm on Friday 20 September 2019.

National Clinical Audits and clinical outcome review programmes commissioned by HQIP are not required to complete the annual scoping survey exercise this year.

All scoped Non-NCAPOP projects, regardless of whether they are included on the NHS England Quality Accounts List are listed in the HQIP National Clinical Audit and Enquiries Directory (The Directory) resource for healthcare providers. See below for further information.

Quality Accounts List inclusion criteria

NHS England has agreed the following criteria for 2020/21, which informs the projects included on the Quality Accounts List:

  1. Coverage: collects data from at least 70% of eligible services nationally
  2. Data: collected on individual patients
  3. Comparisons of providers (trusts, hospitals, networks)
  4. Plan to recruit patients during the following financial year
  5. Public reporting: comparing providers’ performance published within 12 months of completion of the most recent clinical event (excluding events outside of the project’s control)
  6. Outcomes and processes of care being audited must be based on rigorous evidence (including NICE Quality Standards and Guidelines)

NHS Wales National Clinical Audit and Outcome Review Plan

NHS Wales publishes its annual National Clinical Audit and Outcome Review Plan to outline the National Clinical Audits and Outcome Reviews which all health boards and trusts are expected to participate in. The Plan also confirms how the findings from audits and reviews will be used to measure and drive forward improvements in the quality and safety of healthcare services in Wales.

The NHS Wales National Clinical Audit and Outcome Review Plan 2019-20 (dated 8 May 2019)

The Directory

HQIP maintains The Directory to provide information on the National Clinical Audits and Enquiries that are in existence. The Directory is a useful tool in assisting healthcare providers with planning their audit activity each year. Further information is available here.