Clinical audit and patient outcomes review

If we have a detailed understanding of what is happening, where and to what extent, then we can adopt a ‘smarter’ approach to quality improvement” Chris Gush, HQIP CEO

Clinical audits and registries offer rich, detailed insights into clinical outcomes and care processes. When supported by clinical engagement, carefully designed data collection, Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) and national benchmarking, they provide the ultimate tool for shared learning by NHS organisations and other healthcare providers.

HQIP commissions the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP) on behalf of NHS England and other national agencies, which is comprised of circa 40 projects that collect and analyse data to provide a national benchmarked picture of care standards for a wide range of conditions. As such, we are uniquely positioned to support national quality improvement through the use of clinical audit and outcome data.

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