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A Guide to Patient and Public Involvement

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Patient and public involvement is at the heart of everything we do

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We commission, manage, support and promote programmes of quality improvement

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We work with patients and healthcare professionals to improve services

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What do we mean by Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)?

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Patients and public refers to service users, carers, children & young people

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What do we mean by involvement?

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Working with patients to empower them to become champions of change

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What is co-production?

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Working together with patients to deliver on our main business

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Image: PPI in the HQIP commissioning process graphic

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We involve patients in our activities and decision-making processes and aim to enable
others to improve PPI in their QI initiatives

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PPI adds value to a decision or activity

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We focus on the 4PI standards
• Principles
• Purpose
• Presence
• Process
• Impact

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Who is the Service User Network (SUN)?

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Our valued advisory group of patients/carers/public

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SUN has supported HQIP and our providers for more than a decade

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This influences and informs our decision-making processes

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We get a more rounded perspective when we involve patients and the public

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At HQIP we are proud to say that involving patients and carers is at the heart of everything we do.

We have set out our vision, commitment and approach to involving, engaging and informing patients and their representative organisations throughout our work in our strategy.

We ensure that patients and carers are reflected in our core business of commissioning to our resource development and within our governance structures.

Central to this commitment is the Service User Network (SUN). This is an advisory group of people, patients, parents and carers, who have an active input into relevant HQIP work.

Within these pages we have set out some guidance and examples for involving patients, carers and representatives for NCAPOP providers.

HQIP are also managing the Engaging People and Communities for the National Obesity Audit

You can also find information about our Richard Driscoll Memorial Award.

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) resources

HQIP guidance

Our key PPI guidance, which our Service User Network (SUN) members have helped to produce:

A guide to Patient and public involvement in quality improvement
Developing a patient and public involvement panel for quality improvement 
E-learning – Introduction to quality improvement for patients and public

Reports from our National Clinical Audit Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP)

Report summaries for patients and carers

Case studies

Local PPI in QI projects

Additional resources

Poster – a guide to developing a patient panel in QI

Blogs – read some of our latest blogs written from a patient and public perspective

Please contact the Head of Patient and Public Involvement Kim Rezel if you have any resources that you would like us to share in this section.