Engaging with people and communities for the National Obesity Audit

HQIP is delivering on the Engaging People and Communities work on behalf of the National Obesity Audit.

We have been working with a wonderful group of people who have experience of overweight and obesity, they have shared their stories about the care and treatment that has been available to them or loved ones as well as their experience of services.

We are so grateful for their input, which influences the way the audit develops and functions, and how key messages are produced, communicated and disseminated to service users and the wider public.

The User Panel of 20 people are from across England and are users of services or are carers and families of people living with overweight and obesity. We are also linking in with charity and network representatives, to bring wider perspectives and support engagement.

Thank you to our members for their honesty and willingness to share. Their feedback is in the links below.

Patient information in relation to the National Obesity Audit on NHS Digital can be found here.

User Panel sessions

To date we have held the following User Panel sessions, and the feedback and themes raised have been tabled below:

Engagement will continue throughout 2023, where the User Panel will be involved in and co-produce patient focused resources from the National Obesity Audit.

Get involved: If you’d like to learn more about the User Panel or would like to register your interest in this project, please contact [email protected].