National quality improvement programmes

HQIP is responsible for several national healthcare quality improvement programmes, including managing and commissioning the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP) of behalf of NHS England, the Welsh Government and in some cases other devolved authorities.

NCAPOP covers two main sub-programmes: the National Clinical Audit Programme and the Clinical Outcome Review Programmes. These two sections contain information about the programmes themselves, plus pages for each individual programme, listed alphabetically.

Elsewhere, this National programmes area includes pages dedicated to helping Trusts complete Quality Accounts, an area explaining how NCAPOP topics are selected and information on how to access NCAPOP data.

Also included here are sections on publication of individual doctors’ results (Consultant Outcomes Publication), on exploratory work into social care quality improvement and, finally to the National Joint Registry – the largest orthopaedic registry in the world, which is based at HQIP.

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