About us

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) was established in April 2008 to promote quality in healthcare, and in particular to increase the impact that clinical audit has on healthcare quality in England and Wales. HQIP is led by a consortium comprising the following organisations:

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Royal College of Nursing National Voices

HQIP is a charity and company limited by guarantee.

HQIP sees clinical audit as one essential tool in a much broader range of activity to improve quality in healthcare. We believe that clinical audit is a quality improvement methodology to be used alongside a range of other techniques under the broader Quality Improvement banner. HQIP will promote any improvement methodology that has proven effectiveness and appropriateness.

The 2007 White Paper ‘Trust, Assurance and Safety' called for the revitalisation of clinical audit in order to deliver its full potential. The subsequent strategy embodied in the Next Stage Review, ‘High Quality Care For All', in 2008, stressed more broadly that quality and quality improvement, including clinical audit, was the centre of improving the NHS, and launched a stream of activity to drive quality, including work to improve clinical audit.

HQIP believe that building both national and local level partnerships between clinicians, clinical teams, managers and patients is at the heart of this. Supporting local staff, fostering active dissemination of information and implementing quality improvement initiatives is key – in this way we will ensure quality measurement is the engine which drives improvement.

In 2011 HQIP extended its work to promote quality improvement within social care.



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