Involving patients


At HQIP we are proud to say that patient involvement and patient engagement is absolutely central to everything we do.

We work to ensure this is reflected in the outputs of the NCAPOP programme, in our resources and at our events – for patients, for their representatives and for those working with patients. Please look at our PPI strategy document (linked below).

While we look to ensure all our outputs are produces with patients in mind, please use the search filters below for more specific information. From the audience type, you can select ‘Patients and service users’ and from the resource type you can choose ‘Patient-focused resources’.

This will help you find information such as user-friendly versions of NCAPOP reports, to case studies, guidances and other tools suitable for everyone interested in involving patients.

Since 2011, HQIP has been accredited by the Information Standard – the NHS England scheme which identifies trustworthy and accessible health and social care information. As such you'll see that all relevant HQIP guidance and other information carries the Information Standard's quality mark.

Central to being able to deliver our commitment to PPI is our Service User Network, who have active input into all relevant HQIP work. Find out more about SUN here.