Call for patient involvement case studies

Published: 08 Sep 2015


Do you have any examples of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in quality improvement to showcase? Would you like to see your achievements highlighted in HQIP guidance on PPI?

HQIP is looking for new and innovative examples of patient and public involvement in quality improvement initiatives, from which to create case studies to use within forthcoming refreshed and renewed PPI guidance and online resources. This especially includes best practice around:

  • Co-participation
  • Patient-led quality improvement projects

If you would like to share your work and are interested in proposing a case study example, please email [email protected] with your contact details and a brief outline of your initiative, and we’ll get back to you.

If you are selected to be included in the new guidance and resources, HQIP will draft the case study for your review and approval prior to any publication.

If your initiative is not suitable for a case study within HQIP guidance then your work may still be highlighted and promoted on the website so please do get in touch with [email protected] to discuss