HQIP Service User Network



Introduction to the HQIP Service User Network (SUN)

HQIP's Service User Network (formerly the Patient Network) was established in 2009 and has about 40 patient and public representatives.  In 2013, the Network decided to change its name to the Service User Network, to include social care.

SUN members work alongside HQIP helping develop PPI and quality improvement work, and also as an expert consultation group to HQIP.

SUN members include people from local and national clinical audit groups, service user and carer groups, and charities such as National Voices.

SUN meets four times a year, with ongoing consultations via email, phone and post.

As well as these meetings, members also volunteer for working groups.  Working groups include developing resources and taking part in steering and advisory groups.  For example, SUN members are involved in advisory groups for HQIP, Clinical Outcome Review Programme, National Joint Registry, consultant outcomes publication.

Those interested in attending meetings and joining the Network, should contact HQIP patient and public involvement lead Kim Rezel on either 020 7469 2511 or kim.rezel@hqip.org.uk.

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Minutes of the previous Service User Nework meetings

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Just some of HQIP's 40+ Patient Network

Clockwise from left: Madeleine, Ann, John, Sarah, Phil, Jagadish, Kim, Vishy, Brian (Chair), Margaret.

HQIP's Service User Network now includes more than 40 members, comprising patients and patient representatives. The network is consulted on all major aspects of HQIP's work and members represent HQIP at a variety of events as well as contributing to blogs and a number of other activities, all with the overarching aim of making clinical audit - and all other health and social care quality improvement initiatives - work for patients, carers and patient representatives.

To join the Service User Network, or for more information on any other aspect of the network:

Contact HQIP Patient and public involvement lead and development officer Kim Rezel on 020 7469 2511 or at kim.rezel@hqip.org.uk