Service User Network Form

We welcome all people with lived experience of using healthcare services as patients and/or carers to join our Service User Network by filling out the form below. This will help us understand your experiences and interests so we can engage with you effectively and target involvement activities.

In order to ensure diverse membership and to meet the aims and commitments set out in our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy, the form does ask questions about gender, ethnicity, and health conditions. You will have the option to choose not to respond to these questions, but please be assured that if you do respond, your information will stay confidential and will be stored securely and limited to only the staff involved in facilitating the Service User Network.

If you have any questions about the Service User Network or the form, please email our Head of Patient and Carer Engagement, Kim Rezel: [email protected]


    Our privacy notice is regularly updated on the HQIP website and provides further detail on the bases and purposes for processing your information. It also states how you can exercise your individual rights.