Impact of Clinical Leadership in Improving Patient Care

Published: 17 Jun 2024

HQIP holds annual clinical leadership seminars for clinical leaders representing national clinical audits and stakeholder organisations. The reports from these seminars show the key issues and findings that delegates raised and examine how such issues might be overcome.

Seminar Aim:

To share and learn from tested ideas and approaches when leading for improvement.

Seminar Objectives:

1 ) Understand the ideas, experiences and approaches taken by clinical leads to improve patient outcomes

2) Underline how clinical leadership can influence motivation and drive to get the clinical community and delivery teams to invest in measures that focus on improvement

3) Share and exchange ideas that provide takeaway actions to implement across the year in own teams

Clinical Leadership Seminar 2017

The HQIP Clinical Leadership Seminar focused on leading for improvement was held on Friday 29 September 2017.  You can access the  seminar report here  as well as the following selected slides from the event:

Delegate feedback post-seminar

The following themes were discussed on the day and submitted via feedback after the seminar:

  • Clinical leads and teams to consider issues around speed and frequency of reporting versus completeness
  • Managing succession in long term projects such as national clinical audits is key
  • Sharing inspiring local stories of quality improvement is influential to others that follow
  • What is it about local teams that drive and sustain these improvements; can this be spread?
  • Focus more on sustainability
  • Focus more on patient outcomes

HQIP actions post-seminar

The following were identified:

  • Improve lines of communication and learning across NCAPOP
  • Signpost to resources on quality improvement including more training/events/networking
  • Focus on sustainability in light of current finances

Clinical Leadership Seminar 2016

This report summarises the key areas of discussion held during HQIP’s Clinical Leadership Seminar on 27 May 2016.

Some of the issues raised by participants included:

  • Data quality and timely data access as key barriers to making better use of NCA data and encouraging wider participation in and greater use of audit findings
  • Difficulties faced by individuals and organisations faced as outliers
  • A strong desire to improve data flows between NHS Digital and audits

In response HQIP has identified a number of key actions including:

  • Formation of a methodological working group
  • The commissioning of audits in as timely a manner as possible in publication cycles – ideally providing real time data
  • Leading dialogue between NHS Digital and the NCA community to support improved data flows
  • Further support to clinical leaders encountering difficulties tackling outliers and other challenges

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