Latest news: June eBulletin

Published: 03 Jul 2023

Welcome to the June 2023 round-up of clinical audit news, events and programmes from HQIP and other relevant healthcare organisations.


  • NEW reports published
  • Article: When is data ‘good data’?
  • Clinical Audit Awareness Week: Award winners and more
  • Join our Service User Network
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NEW reports published

The following NEW resources have been published on our website this month:

A full list of all published reports can be found on the Reports section of our website.

Article: When is data ‘good data’?

In this article from our FREE online Quality Improvement (QI) magazine Cornerstone, Mirek Skrypak (previously Associate Director for Quality and Development at HQIP) discusses the importance of using the right data to support robust healthcare services…

“[The NHS] needs to change in order to respond to current need (not least in response to an increasingly ageing population). But how do we ensure that any change implemented is relevant, targeted where it’s needed most, and meaningful to service users?”

Mirek goes on to share learning that he has found to be invaluable in relation to data-informed service design within healthcare. You can read the article in full on pages 22-23 of Cornerstone magazine.

Clinical Audit Awareness Week: Award winners and more

Clinical Audit Awareness Week 2023 (#CAAW23) was held from 19-23 June, and resulted in an action-packed week of award announcements, daily Lunch & Learn events, a QI masterclass and an NHS England webinar as well as a myriad of events and social media activity across the country. THANK YOU to everyone for getting involved! Find below an update…

Clinical Audit Heroes award winners

  • Patient Safety WINNER: Robert Oakley, Senior Pharmacist at St. George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Find out more.
  • Patient and Public Involvement JOINT WINNER: Epilepsy12 Youth Advocates (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, RCPCH); JOINT WINNER: Solent Academy of Research and Improvement Side by Side group; COMMENDED ENTRY: Laura Hall, Quality and Audit Midwife at Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust. Find out more.
  • Healthcare Inequalities WINNER: Isabel Cowling, Michelle Fleeman, Menik Upatissa and Indu Mahabeer, Acute Paediatric Team at Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust; COMMENDED ENTRY: Mikaela Wardle, Senior House Officer at Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust, in partnership with the Homeless Patient Pathway and Alcohol Care teams. Find out more.
  • Influencing Organisational Change WINNER: Amy Baker and the Patient Outcomes Team from Cambridge University Hospitals; WINNER: Ella Bowden-Howard, Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service Assistant Psychologist from Cambridgeshire Community Services; COMMENDED ENTRY: Dementia and Delirium Team at Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust. Find out more.
  • Sustainability WINNER: Amanda Van Vuuren, Darshana Dhaka, Mat MacDonald and Connor Brown, Consultant (Anaesthetics) and Junior Doctors at Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust. Find out more.

All awards were announced at daily online Lunch & Learn events, hosted by NQICAN. These events were recorded and will be available on our website when available.

Masterclass – Clinical Audit & Quality Improvement Methods: Dancing partners or strictly rivals?

As part of Clinical Audit Awareness Week, HQIP co-hosted a masterclass with the Q Community, with speakers sharing their take on clinical audit and Quality Improvement (QI) methodologies, how they are different and how they come together. You can find a link to a recording of this event, together with an insightful infographic on this topic, on the HQIP website here.

For more information on Clinical Audit Awareness Week, visit our dedicated webpage. You can find also further information on the Clinical Audit Heroes awards here.

Join our Service User Network

Patients and carers are integral to our work, ensuring it is both relevant and meaningful. It is now easier than ever – and without the need for a fixed commitment – to join our Service User Network (SUN); and we are seeking those with lived experience as patients and carers to take part (please help to share this opportunity with your patient and carer networks)…

More specifically, we have changed the governance arrangements of the SUN so that membership is flexible and open. For example, we no longer hold quarterly meetings or ask people to stand in officer roles. And, with opportunities to take part online, we welcome people from around the country and from all communities.

Please sign up to receive regular newsletters about involvement opportunities and updates on local and national engagement activity. Opportunities will include: inputting into the development of what an HQIP commissioned programme should look like; new project proposals; specific patient advocate positions on national audits; resource reviews and many others.

Please read more about HQIP’s SUN here and complete this form to become involved.

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