Latest news: April eBulletin

Published: 27 Apr 2023

Welcome to the April 2023 round-up of clinical audit news, events and programmes from HQIP and other relevant healthcare organisations.


  • NEW report published
  • Article – Mind the (health) gap
  • Clinical Audit Awareness Week – Awards closing date, events and more
  • Patient engagement case study – falls and fragility fracture
  • NEW benchmarking data available – inpatient falls
  • Join our Service User Network
  • Have you seen? NHS England delivery and continuous improvement review
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NEW report published

The following NEW resource has been published on our website this month:

You can find a full list of all published reports on our website.

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Mind the (health) gap

Dr Josie O’Heney, 2021/22 National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow at HQIP, discusses the role of data and Quality Improvement in addressing health inequalities in this article from our magazine Cornerstone…

As a clinician, the human response is to focus on the problems right in front of you – the patient that has just arrived, the lack of beds or staff to care for people, the crisis in the moment et cetera… However, it is also important for healthcare providers to be aware of data. Unless you understand where there are problems, you can’t work towards solving them. Data informs us about the strategic changes that we need to make to improve care pathways and, importantly, reduce inequalities.

Read the interview in full on pages 14-15 of Cornerstone magazine.

Clinical Audit Awareness Week: Awards closing date, events and more

There’s still time to submit nomination(s) for the Clinical Audit Heroes Awards, as part of Clinical Audit Awareness Week. You have just over one week left to nominate your heroes in this year’s awards (closing date: Sunday 7 May 2023) but, don’t panic, as taking part is quick and easy – and it’s all online!

There are five award categories this year, and more information about the criteria – and the nomination form – for each can be found using the links below:

Lunch & Learn events

The award winners will be announced at a series of Lunch & Learn events, hosted by N-QI-CAN, during Clinical Audit Awareness Week. There will be one event each day from 19-23 June 2023 (12.30-1.30pm), the topics of which will mirror the awards (patient safety on Monday 19 June etc). The links to these events are now available on our website – to join, simply add the details to your diary and click on the relevant link on the day.

Masterclass – Clinical Audit & Quality Improvement Methods: Dancing partners or strictly rivals?
As part of Clinical Audit Awareness Week, a masterclass will be be held to explore clinical audit and Quality Improvement (QI) methodologies, how they are different and how they come together on 19 June 2023 (10-11am). You can find out more about the session, together with details of how to register for this event, here.

Don’t forget to share your plans for events and activities for #CAAW23. You can find a free toolkit, to help you take part in the celebrations and promote clinical audit in your organisation, on our website here. Happy #CAAW23 sharing!

Finally, in case you missed the #CAAW23 launch event on 30 March 2023, it can be watched back here. For more information generally, visit our Clinical Audit Awareness Week webpage.

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Patient engagement case study – falls and fragility fracture

The Richard Driscoll Memorial Award (RDMA) 2022 asked HQIP commissioned programmes to describe how patients and carers influence the production of patient-focused outputs from their programme.

This RDMA entry highlights how the Falls and Fragility Fracture Audit Programme (FFFAP) work in collaboration with their patient and carer panel.

Read the case study in full here.

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NEW benchmarking data available – inpatient falls

New performance data is now available on the National Clinical Audit Benchmarking (NCAB) portal:

NCAB is an online portal providing access to national audit performance data benchmarked by speciality, Trust, hospital or unit. To find out about your provider’s benchmarked performance in a range of clinical areas, visit the NCAB website.

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Join our Service User Network

Patients and carers are integral to our work, ensuring it is both relevant and meaningful. It is now easier than ever – and without the need for a fixed commitment – to join our Service User Network (SUN); and we are seeking those with lived experience as patients and carers to take part (please help to share this opportunity with your patient and carer networks)…

More specifically, we have changed the governance arrangements of the SUN so that membership is flexible and open. For example, we no longer hold quarterly meetings or ask people to stand in officer roles. And, with opportunities to take part online, we welcome people from around the country and from all communities.

Please sign up to receive regular newsletters about involvement opportunities and updates on local and national engagement activity. Opportunities will include: inputting into the development of what an HQIP commissioned programme should look like; new project proposals; specific patient advocate positions on national audits; resource reviews and many others.

Please read more about HQIP’s SUN here and complete this form to become involved.

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Have you seen? NHS England delivery and continuous improvement review

The findings and recommendations of the delivery and continuous improvement review, conducted by Anne Eden, has been published by NHS England. The Review’s recommendations were consolidated into three actions:

  1.  Establish a national improvement board to agree a small number of shared national priorities on which NHS England, with providers and systems, will focus our improvement-led delivery work
  2. Launch a single, shared ‘NHS improvement approach’
  3. Co-design and establish a Leadership for Improvement programme.

Read the findings and recommendations of the review in full here


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