Clinical Outcomes Publication

Clinical Outcomes Publication (COP) is an NHS England initiative, managed by HQIP, to publish quality measures at the level of individual consultant, team and unit level on NHS Choices (now and MyNHS using national clinical audit and administrative data.

COP began with ten National Clinical Audits in 2013 and has expanded to twenty seven in 2019/20. Those that published in the inaugural year have continued to build on and develop the number of procedures and quality measures covered including team-based or hospital measures.

In 2019 NHS Digital and NHSX reviewed the value of MyNHS. Although MyNHS has enabled a range of information to be available in one place for users including patients, health and care staff, and developers, it has not generated enough use to warrant the considerable resources that go into maintaining it. Consequently, MyNHS has been decommissioned.

As part of ongoing improvements to, NHSX and NHS Digital are also redesigning information on health and care services, working with end users to ensure it meets people’s needs.

This means that information from national clinical audits will continue to be made available as part of the Clinical Outcomes Publication Programme (COP), but in a different format. At present the information is made directly available for users on MyNHS and the NHS website. As of 7 November 2019, a directory of the national clinical audits websites is published on the MyNHS website to direct users to this data on the host web pages instead. Discussions are underway to agree a technical solution to ensure that patients and the public who have previously accessed audit data via can continue to do so.

This directory will support ongoing data transparency and support wider engagement with national clinical audit data whilst rationalising the data provided directly on the NHS website. Utilisation of the directory will be reviewed periodically in future to aid longer term decisions about the format and scope of the COP programme.

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