Guide to involving junior doctors in clinical audit and quality improvement

Guidance | Published: 01 May 2020

Please note that while much of the information in this guide remains relevant it has been superseded by ‘Learning to Make a Difference‘ a programme designed to empower junior doctors through the development of quality improvement skills. You can also find a range of information and guidance on our resources for trainee doctors webpage.

Junior doctors are expected to carry out clinical audits or quality improvement projects to meet their training requirements. Training and support for junior doctors to help them benefit from their clinical audit or QI experiences may vary by NHS Trust.

This guide is intended to help people responsible for clinical audit and QI in NHS Trusts to provide appropriate support for these activities. It will also help NHS Trusts ensure that they gain the maximum benefit from the clinical audits and QI projects carried out by doctors in training.

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About the Authors

Healthcare Quality Quest was established in 1986 and has continuously supported healthcare organisations in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Botswana, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Netherlands and Taiwan in implementing the clinical audit process.

They consult, teach and publish on improving and accounting for the quality and safety of patient care. We provide expert help on quality improvement, clinical audit, clinical governance, patient experience, risk assessment, incident reporting and root cause analysis processes for NHS, military, private sector and charitable organisations.

Thousands of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals as well as clinical audit governance or quality improvement specialists have participated in our education activities.

Updated: May 2020

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Guide to involving junior doctors in clinical audit and quality improvement