Early Intervention in Psychosis Audit report

Reports | Published: 04 Jul 2016

This retrospective audit on the compliance of early intervention in psychosis (EIP) services’ ability to provide timely access to the full range of interventions recommended by the NICE, has shown that only 41% of first episode patients were offered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for psychosis (CBTp), and under a third (31%) of families were offered Family Intervention (FI).

The early intervention in psychosis (EIP) access and waiting time standard requires that, from 1 April 2016 more than 50% of people experiencing first episode psychosis will be treated with a NICE-approved package of care within two weeks of referral.

Both elements of the standard (referral to engagement waiting time and treatment delivered in according with NICE guidelines and quality standards for psychosis and schizophrenia) must be met for the standard to be deemed to have been achieved.

This audit aimed to establish a baseline position regarding services’ ability to provide timely access to the full range of interventions recommended by NICE (delivered by fully trained, qualified and supervised practitioners) in line with local demand.

In addition, all EIP services will be expected to participate in a quality assessment and improvement programme, organised and administered by the College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI). This will include a framework, performance assessment scale, and self-assessment tool, which all EIP services will need to complete and submit. CCQI will use the framework and self-assessment tool submissions to conduct an independent review of performance in all local EIP teams during 2016/17, and this will continue on an annual cycle to enable transparent tracking of process.

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Early Intervention in Psychosis Audit report