Clinical Service Accreditation (CSA): Requirements for IT systems

Guidance | Published: 01 Nov 2016

Part five of six clinical service accreditation resources produced by the former Clinical Service Accreditation Alliance (CSAA).

This particular document outlines a generic statement of requirements for an accreditation IT system. The purpose of this is to aid the consistent development of IT systems across accreditation schemes. When developing accreditation IT systems, schemes may wish to use all or some of the supplied specification, depending on their needs.

The generic statement of requirements aims to provide an overview of the functionality required for any accreditation IT system. The needs of each scheme will vary – the statement of requirements outlines broadly what a scheme should look to include. Individual schemes will add the detail to this framework.

This document is not a specification for an IT system. Organisations will need to translate the generic statement of requirements into a specification for this to be used to develop an IT system. This document outlines the areas for inclusion within a system but does not detail system requirements.

Individual schemes will need to determine the specific requirements of their system, and there are a number of details that will need to be supplied to IT providers brought in to develop a system, including:

  • Number of users of the system
  • Classes of user of the system and the access rights of these user groups
  • Bandwidth required
  • Capacity of data storage required
  • Data protection and storage requirements

The generic statement of requirements has been adapted from original work by the Royal College of Physicians, to whom the authors are grateful for support.

A copy of the document is available to download from this page.

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Clinical Service Accreditation (CSA): Requirements for IT systems