Clinical Service Accreditation (CSA): Preparing for development of a CSA scheme: Good practice guide

Guidance | Published: 01 Nov 2016

Part six of six clinical service accreditation resources produced by the former Clinical Service Accreditation Alliance (CSAA).

This particular guidance describes how best to prepare for and standardise an accreditation scheme for Clinical Services. It has been prepared by the CSAA with input from a wide range of organisations and individuals involved in developing and operating accreditation schemes for clinical services. It draws on other outputs of the Alliance such as standards required for accreditation schemes.

The information contained is aimed at:

  • Anybody or any group of stakeholders who wish to develop an accreditation scheme in their clinical specialty
  • Those developing accreditation schemes whether they are in an advanced stage of development or not.
  • Those at an early stage of accreditation by providing guidance on the essentials steps which need to be taken from the outset
  • Those who have already made progress by acting as a checklist to ensure that consideration is applied to all relevant aspects
  • Wherever possible, examples have been provided to illustrate key points and to serve as a guide for scheme developers. They should be adapted to suit particular characteristics of a clinical service and take into account the views of all stakeholders.

To download the full guide simply click on the link below.

For further information regarding Clinical Service Accreditation, how to get involved and the advice available via HQIP click here

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Clinical Service Accreditation (CSA): Preparing for development of a CSA scheme: Good practice guide