HQIP’s Annual Report: April 2022–March 2023

Published: 28 Nov 2023

HQIP’s latest annual report is now available to view and download.

This was a year in which we, along with everyone else in healthcare, were able – albeit tentatively – to turn our attention back to the future. While COVID-19 continued in its various guises (one in 13 people in the UK were reported to have the virus at the end of March 2022), it was clear that the sector needed to plan for recovery. But what did this mean in practice, and what was feasible, in an already overstretched service? Identifying where resources were needed most, and where they would make the greatest difference to achieve maximum impact, was – and still is – part of the solution. In other words, it was clear that we needed to ‘follow the data’. So, the value of audit and clinical outcome data was never greater than in 2022-23.

In addition to HQIP’s accounts, this annual report shares our strategic objectives and key achievements for 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023 as well as future plans.

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