National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) Annual Report 2018

Reports | Published: 15 Nov 2018

The National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) was established in 2007 and its methodology has not changed since the detailed description provided in our 2017 report.

All 175 eligible hospitals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland now regularly upload data. This report describes the process and outcome of care provided to 66,668 people presenting with a hip fracture in 2017 – nearly all of the patients in these countries.

NHFD case ascertainment is more reliable than Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) as a result of hip fracture teams’ attention to collection of data about their patients, along with the financial incentive of best practice tariff (BPT) in England. Since 2016 NHFD records have been reviewed as the gold standard against which the accuracy of local patient administration systems should be measured.

NHFD has pioneered the release of clinical audit data to the general public, making its analyses openly available so that clinical teams, hospital management and the public can share the same access to live information about services in their area.

This report describes the development of a set of six NHFD key performance indicators – designed to complement the very broad range of data on many aspects of assessment, surgical and anaesthetic care, rehabilitation, follow-up and outcome. The six key performance indicators are:

  1. Prompt orthogeriatric assessment
  2. Prompt surgery
  3. NICE compliant surgical approach
  4. Prompt mobilisation after surgery
  5. Not delirious when tested after operation
  6. Returned to original residence by 120 days

To download the full report, click on the link below.

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National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) Annual Report 2018