National Joint Registry 9th Annual Report 2012

Reports | Published: 13 Sep 2012

Hospital non-compliance risking joint patient safety

The National Joint Registry’s 9th Annual Report reveals that 40% of NHS joint replacement healthcare providers are  under-performing for their data submissions to the registry. Local NHS Trusts in England and and Health Boards in Wales could be putting the long-term safety of patients at risk in failing to comply with the now-mandatory NJR.

Individual hospital data, included for the first time as part of the Government’s transprency agenda,  reveals that 59 out of 148 (40%) of relevant NHS Trusts and Health Boards only submitted between 0% and 79% of the hip and knee replacement operations they performed in 2011 – classifying them as under-performing in the NJR’s red, amber, green analysis classification.

The Department of Health made NJR compliance mandatory as of 1 April 2011, and the figures above cover the period 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011. While the first three months of 2011 were non-mandatory, during this time hospitals were still strongly encouraged to comply fully with the NJR.

Other indicators for the new Trust-, Health Board- and hospital-level data analysis include patient consent and linkability as well as mortality rates, hip revision and knee revision rates for the period 2003 (when the NJR began reporting) to 2011.

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National Joint Registry 9th Annual Report 2012