National Congenital Heart Disease Audit 2013 – 2016

Reports | Published: 08 Mar 2018

This report summarises all paediatric and congenital heart surgery, electrophysiology and transcatheter procedures undertaken in the UK. The report is aimed at clinicians, healthcare professionals, local audit teams, patients and the public and specialist commissioners.

The National Congenital Heart Disease Audit (NCHDA) collects data from all centres undertaking paediatric and congenital cardiac surgery and interventional procedures, including electrophysiology, in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland (RoI). The audit focuses on monitoring activity levels and outcomes following cardiovascular procedures, as well as the success of antenatal diagnostic screening.

The NCHDA collects data prospectively on all paediatric and congenital heart surgery, electrophysiology and transcatheter procedures. The NCHDA does not currently publish data on the rarest procedures due to the very small numbers involved. This is in line with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Confidentiality Guidance for publishing health statistics.3 The 2013-16 analysis of the more frequent specific procedures covers 86% of transcatheter and 81% of surgical procedures. However, the PRAiS analysis for patients under 16 years of age is a composite assessment of all procedures undertaken by the specialist paediatric centres, meaning that 100%

of relevant activity is encompassed by the analysis. Minor procedures which usually occur during the admission for a more major procedure and non-cardiovascular procedures are not consistently collected or monitored.

The deadline for submitting 2015-16 data was May 15th 2016 and the data extraction date was 27th March 2017. This report covers 33,754 procedures undertaken during the three years between April 1st 2013 and March 31st 2016 (including 1,631 diagnostic catheter procedures for 2015-16).

To download the full report click on the link below

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National Congenital Heart Disease Audit 2013 – 2016