National Audit of Breast Cancer in Older Patients: 2018 Annual Report

Reports | Published: 18 Jun 2018

The National Audit of Breast Cancer in Older Patients (NABCOP) was commissioned to evaluate the quality of care provided to women aged 70 years or older by breast cancer services in England and Wales. The aim of the audit is to evaluate the care delivered to women from the point of initial diagnosis to the end of primary treatment and to provide information on the comparative performance of NHS breast cancer units. The patterns of care observed for older women will be compared with those among women diagnosed with breast cancer aged 50–69 years.

In this annual report, we present information on the care received by women diagnosed between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2016 in England and Wales. As well as describing how these patterns of care differ between women in the younger and older age groups, we also distinguish between three main groups of breast cancer – women with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), with early invasive disease (stage 1 to 3A), and with advanced disease (stage 3B, 3C and 4).

The report is primarily written for clinicians, providers of breast cancer services, commissioners and healthcare regulators. A version for patients and the wider public is being produced separately and will be available on the NABCOP website ( in summer 2018.

Accompanying information and data tables are available at the NABCOP webpage:

This version (1.1) was released on 13 July 2018, and included corrections to Table 7.1 in the Surgery chapter on page 42

To download the full report please click on the link below

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National Audit of Breast Cancer in Older Patients: 2018 Annual Report