Addressing child to adult transition in national clinical audit – A guide

Guidance | Published: 29 Aug 2018

The transition of a young person from child to adult services should be a purposeful and planned person-centred process that starts before the formal transfer of care occurs. The period of transition in healthcare coincides with a critical time of biopsychosocial change for a young person as they mature from a child to an adult. During the process of transition, young people should feel empowered to take responsibility for their health through adequate health education and health promotion. Paediatric and adult services should be co-ordinated to support a process of transition that will establish positive life-long health behaviours for all young people with chronic illnesses and prevent their disengagement from services that can result in detrimental long-term outcomes.

This guide explores the topic of child to adult transition and its relevance to national clinical audits within the national healthcare context. It offers a practical guide on how to address transition through the different stages of audit development for those who commission, design and participate in national clinical audits and includes information on policies, guidelines, standards and healthcare commissioning incentives that align with child to adult transition.

The guide is aimed at two key audiences:

1. Commissioners of national clinical audit including NHS England and other funders, the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership, professional groups and patient charities.

2. All those involved in the shaping and delivery of a national clinical audit whether they are national clinical directors, clinical leads, programme/project managers, clinicians, patient or parent representatives. Although written primarily with the National Clinical Audit and Clinical Outcome Review Programme (NCAPOP) national clinical audits in mind, the principles of this guidance are intended to be applicable to all national audits.

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Addressing child to adult transition in national clinical audit – A guide