Tenders and Procurement

HQIP Buyer Profile

In accordance with the new European Directive 2014/24/EU and its enactment in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, this Buyer Profile page allows you to access details of HQIP's current contract opportunities and future procurement requirements by clicking on the relevant items shown below.

HQIP 'Time to Pay' data

In line with Government procurement policy, HQIP now publishes the turnaround time for paying it's contracted suppliers. Read the 2015/16 results here. HQIP endeavours to pay all invoices within agreed terms and understands the importance of this to our suppliers. Analysis of the last year’s activity identified that the majority of delays in payment have occurred due to:

  • Late receipt of invoices by the HQIP Finance team from suppliers or
  • When contract deliverables require discussion

To help address the late receipt, we will be working with suppliers to request that all invoices are sent promptly to finance@hqip.org.uk in the first instance, rather than to individual members of staff.

Current tenders

The tenders listed below are now live and are being run on our e-procurement portal. Please follow the relevant link for each tender to express your interest, HQIP will then issue you with a login for the system so you can self register and be able to access all the tender documentation.

National Child Mortality Database

HQIP wishes to commission a National Child Mortality Database. This contract will develop a national database, initially for English child death reviews.

National Clinical Audit of Falls and Fragility Fractures

This contract is to support the continued delivery of a national clinical audit of NHS funded hip fracture care provisions and outcomes, including falls and fragility fractures, in England and Wales.

National Clinical Audit of Stroke

This contract will support the delivery of a national clinical audit of NHS-funded stroke care provision and outcomes in England and Wales.

National Asthma and COPD Audit Programme (NACAP)

This contract will support the creation of a combined respiratory airways programme, including audits for COPD and asthma. It therefore includes the continued delivery of a national clinical audit of COPD care provision and outcomes in England and Wales and the addition of Scotland to the programme. The successful provider will build on the successes and learning established by the audit to date. The programme will additionally incorporate national clinical audits of adult and paediatric asthma care provision and outcomes in England, Scotland and Wales.

Future tenders

The cancer audits in the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme have recently been re-profiled by HQIP in partnership with the funders, NHS England and the Welsh Government. Two competitive tenders are anticipated in 2017/18.

National Clinical Audit of Prostate Cancer - tender launch October 2017

National Gatrointestinal Cancer (Oesophago-gastric and Bowel) Audit Programme - tender launch October 2017

It is HQIP’s intention to tender these audits, however this list is subject to change, further details will be made available via our website, OJEU & Contract Finder when the tender is advertised. HQIP will use e-Procurement to undertake these tenders.