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About Quality Accounts

NHS England Quality Accounts List 2017/18

Quality Accounts list inclusion criteria

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About Quality Accounts

A Quality Account is a written report that providers of NHS services are required to publish on the NHS Choices website each June summarising the quality of their services during the previous financial year. By publishing on NHS Choices, this fulfils providers obligation to submit the report to the Secretary of State. One of the elements included in the Quality Account relates to clinical audit.

This page houses the NHS England Quality Accounts list, and HQIP’s National Clinical Audit & Enquiries Directory. It also provides further information and guidance to Healthcare Service Providers around Quality Accounts.

NHS England Quality Accounts List 2017/18

The NHS England Quality Accounts List 2017/18 is available here. The list contains 58 programmes which met the NHS England criteria and/or are contained on the NCAPOP or Consultant Outcomes Publications programmes. The list details the National Clinical Audits and Clinical Outcome Review programmes which NHS England advises Trusts to prioritise for participation and inclusion in their Quality Accounts for 2017/18. The list remains static throughout the year and no additional projects are subsequently added.

Redaction: It was noted that there was a clerical error to the NHS England Quality Accounts List 2017/18 first published on 12 January 2017. Six audits that had been included confirmed that they would not be collecting data during 2017/18. These six audits have now been removed.

The Quality Accounts list should be reviewed in conjunction with HQIP’s Guidance on Quality Accounts. The guidance outlines the legislative requirements for quality accounts, the statutory function of the list, and the requirements for Trusts.


Quality Accounts list inclusion criteria

NHS England has agreed the following criteria for 2017/2018, which will determine the projects included on the Quality Account List:

Quality Accounts list inclusion criteria for NCAs (2017/18):

  1. Coverage: collects data from at least 70% of eligible services nationally
  2. Data: collected on individual patients
  3. Comparisons of providers (trusts, hospitals, networks)
  4. Plan to recruit patients during the following financial year
  5. Public reporting: comparing providers’ performance published within 12 months of completion of the most recent patient recruitment period
  6. Outcomes and processes of care being audited must be based on rigorous evidence (including NICE Quality Standards and Guidelines)

Clinical Outcome Review Programmes use a different methodology to national clinical audits and therefore cannot be evaluated using these criteria. However they are part of the NHSE funded National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP) and as such are included in the Quality Accounts List each year.


HQIP National Clinical Audit and Enquiries Directory

HQIP maintains the National Clinical Audit and Enquiries Directory to provide information on the National Clinical Audits and Enquiries that are in existence. The Directory is a useful tool in assisting healthcare providers with planning their audit activity each year. Further information is available here.