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Each June, NHS England requires all health service providers to submit an annual report about the quality of their services from the previous financial year: a Quality Account. Within the Quality Account, providers are required to report on participation in any of the National Clinical Audits (NCAs), Clinical Outcomes Review Programmes, and registries that feature on the NHS England Quality Accounts List.

They are also expected to review the publications produced by the NCAs featured in the Quality Accounts List and report on any resultant actions that they have taken. This page provides information on the Quality Accounts and Quality Accounts resource.

2016/17 Quality Accounts List

Each autumn HQIP undertakes a scoping exercise to determine which National Clinical Audits (NCA) and Clinical Outcome Review Programmes will be operating during the 2016/17 financial year. This information supports the development of the NHS England Quality Accounts List which is published by HQIP each January. Healthcare providers use the Quality Accounts List to plan which NCAs and clinical outcome review programmes they will participate in during the following financial year. Inclusion in the Quality Accounts List will therefore maximise participation by healthcare providers.

If you are involved in an NCA or Clinical Outcome Review Programme and would like your project to be considered for inclusion on the 2016/17 Quality Accounts List, please complete the following short survey by 5pm on Wednesday 2nd December 2015. It should take no more than ten minutes to complete.

Click here for the online survey

Please note, if you do not complete by 5pm on Wednesday 2nd December 2015 your project will not be considered for inclusion in the 2016/17 Quality Accounts List.

The 2016/17 Quality Accounts List will be published in the first week of January on this webpage. 

HQIP Quality Accounts resource

To assist health service providers, patients and commissioners, HQIP has developed an Excel-based resource of all known NCAs, Clinical Outcomes Review Programmes and registries that plan to run during the forthcoming financial year, and that ran during previous financial years. This is linked below.

All projects scoped regardless of whether they are included in the Quality Accounts List will have their details included in the HQIP Quality Accounts Resource, which will be updated into a more user friendly format and rebranded as the National Clinical Audit Resource from January 2016. Further information covering the legislation surrounding Quality Accounts, the legal position of the Quality Accounts List, and the requirements of healthcare providers, will be published on the HQIP website alongside the 2016/17 Quality Accounts List. 

If you have any queries about the Quality Accounts List or Resource, please contact David McKinlay at david.mckinlay@hqip.org.uk


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