National Lung Cancer Audit – EOI

Applications closing date: 07 May 2021 12:00

Please be advised that this Prior Information Notice is a Call for Competition in order that potential bidders may express an interest in tendering for this service. Following publication of this Notice, only bidders that have expressed an interest in tendering for the service will be invited to submit a bid for the service.

Expressions of interest must be submitted via Wax e-tendering portal.

Potential bidders are further informed that there will be online Market Engagement Questionnaires running from 30/03/2021 — 07/05/2021. Following completion of the Market Engagement Questionnaires, all bidders who have expressed an interest would be issued with the Invitation to Tender documents, irrespective of their participation in the Market Engagement. This notice does not represent a commitment from Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) to award a contract.

Description of the procurement

Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) is seeking to commission an organisation that will support the delivery of the National Lung Cancer Audit Service. The service will be delivered nationally. The aim of the procurement is to procure a quality service that provides a high quality that will stimulate improvements in care for patients with lung cancer by measuring variations in quality, experience and outcomes. The successful bidder will be required to build on the achievements of the audit to date and enhance the ability for the audit to be used for quality improvement.

It is recognised that data is most useful locally for healthcare quality improvement when its provision to clinical teams is timely, the data is refreshed regularly and appropriate tools, support and guidance accompany the data outputs. The intent is for all of these features of the audit to be implemented and improved during the period of this contract, National Lung Cancer Audit.

The successful tenderer will:

1. Audit Plan: design, pilot and implement a new audit plan which:

  • prioritises measuring the most important data (a minimum dataset) and presents the lowest possible burden for collecting these data, e.g. by utilising routine data
  • feeds back useful, timely and regularly updated audit data findings to promote rapid local healthcare improvement
  • provides outputs co-created with patient and public involvement

2. QI Strategy:

  • design and deliver a Quality Improvement (QI) Strategy, which ensures that the audit itself is designed from the outset, and developed throughout, to facilitate QI as well as quality assurance (QA).

The provider may subcontract parts of the service to ensure that a comprehensive range of services is available to meet the service requirement. However, where parts of the service are subcontracted, the provider shall remain accountable to the commissioner, to ensure that a seamless service is provided as required. This service would covered by the Public Contract Regulations (PCR) 2015.

The procedure that the Commissioner will be following will be set out in the Invitation to Tender. The procurement will be advertised via Finder a Tender and Contract Finder. The Commissioner is following an Open Procurement procedure as it will be set out in the Invitation to Tender.

Organisations that wish to express an interest to the Market Engagement are required to register their interest via Wax (e-tendering) portal, by providing a response to the market engagement questionnaires and return via the portal.