Medical and Surgical Clinical Outcome Review Programme

Applications closing date: 05 Aug 2024 12:00

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) is seeking to commission an organisation that will support the delivery of the Medical and Surgical Clinical Outcome Review Programme (Med Surg CORP).
The programme will initially be delivered for NHS-funded care in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Jersey but may later extend to include Guernsey, Scotland Isle of Man and other Devolved Nations/ Crown Dependencies.
The total contract value is £2,190,000 excluding VAT for the duration of three years with potential to extend the contract for up to two additional years at a value of £730,000 per year.
The ceiling value including the core 3 year value, extension value and all other aspirational intent as defined in section 12 of the specification of this ITT has a potential value of up to £7,683,153.
It is anticipated that the new service will commence in April 2025.
The full breakdown of the aspiration intent and mechanisms for invoking these elements can be found in section 12 of Annex A – Service Specification.
This procurement is for clinical services which are part of the ‘Public Contract Regulations (PCR2015)’ for the purpose of the Regulations. The commissioner is not voluntarily following any other part of the Regulations. The process will be similar to an Open Procedure where the Regulations apply and so reserves the right to depart from that procedure at any point.
The procedure that the Commissioner is following is set out in the Invitation to Tender.
To access the ITT documents, please follow the access link defined in the Find a Tender notice, reference – 2024/S 000-020570
Bidders must respond to all questions. The deadline for the submission of the tender is 12 noon on Monday 5th August 2024.
Please note:

  • Any communication from HQIP regarding this tender will be via the Delta messaging board.
  • Bidders must use the Delta messaging board to raise any clarification questions to HQIP regarding this procurement.
  • Bidders should note that HQIP does not accept requests to amend the published Terms and Conditions of Contract after bid submission or prior to contract signature.
  • Bidders must sign the Form of Tender to indicate acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Contract. Failure to sign the Form of Tender will make your bid submission non compliant and subject to disqualification.
  • In rare cases where a bidder wishes to raise a potential legal implication to agreeing to the terms and conditions, this must be raised during the published bidder clarification time window via the messaging module within the e-tendering portal so that it can be addressed via the standard process for all bidder clarifications.

HQIP would like to bring to the attention of bidders that the qualitative response section of this tender now includes question 8.20 – Social Value.

To access the tender via the Delta portal, please head to: