Engaging clinicians in QI through NCA: HQIP action plan

Guidance Published: Author: HQIP

This table of responses are in response to the main report written for HQIP by Doctor Dominique Allwood, itself part of the wider work examining clinician engagement for QI via national clinical audit.

Find out more about that work here and see Dr Allwood's report here.

The key findings of the report being responded to in this table are:

  • The need to clarify the content and purpose of national clinical audits for ease of use by local healthcare providers
  • Support with how to analyse and interpret data and present findings to others in user-friendly ways
  • Good practice as a powerful motivator while financial incentives and named consultant data received mixed responses
  • The right resources, knowledge and skills are needed to encourage engagement such as learning events and dedicated time to discuss and act upon findings
  • Organisational structures, governance, staffing and culture all had a strong influence on the take up of clinical audit
  • More engagement  with and greater involvement of clinicians and input from patients in audit reporting process.