Pulmonary Rehabilitation 2021 Organisational Audit: Summary report

Reports | Published: 14 Jul 2022

The National Asthma and COPD Audit Programme (NACAP) has published its latest report into pulmonary rehabilitation. Based on data collected between 1 November and 3 December 2021, it presents information on 133 out of 200 pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) services in England and Wales, and measures data against six key performance indicators (KPIs) recommended by the National Asthma and COPD Audit Programme (NACAP).

The report found that 94% of services provide PR to people with MRC grade 4 (92.4% in 2019) and 90.1% to grade 5 (88.5% in 2019). Other key findings include:

  • 86.5% of PR services offer home-based programmes (34% in 2019)
  • Of 60.9% of services conducting the 6 minute walk test (MWL), 7.4% do so using a 30m course (in 2019, 62.5% were conducting the 6MWT and, of these, 11.1% were using a 30m course)
  • 69.1% of services provide clinical leads with dedicated sessional time for service development (65.9% in 2019).

The report also found that 81.2% of services provide a written plan for ongoing exercise maintenance following discharge (82.6% in 2019). As such, it recommends that service providers and clinical teams include provision of a written exercise plan as a key element of discharge, building designated time into discharge assessments for provision of an exercise plan and developing a standardised exercise plan that can be customised for each person with COPD to facilitate this.

Read the full report: You can read the report by clicking on the link below.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation 2021 Organisational Audit: Summary report