National Opthalmology Database Audit – Executive Summary

Reports | Published: 11 Apr 2016

In the first annual report of the National Ophthalmology Database Audit published by The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) ‘historic’ or ‘legacy’ data have been used to highlight data completeness and to establish a robust methodology for future cataract surgery audit cycles.

Posterior capsule rupture (PCR) is a complication in cataract surgery and it happens on average in about 1 operation out of 50.  When this problem occurs, further surgical steps are required and the risk of a poor result is increased. It is important to know if the patient’s vision has improved or become worse after a cataract operation so the audit will examine both PCR and visual acuity (VA) loss from before to after surgery to determine the standards of care provided by cataract services.

This initial report analyses the surgical complication rate of PCR and VA loss on over 75,000 cataract operations performed on adult patients during the April 2014 – March 2015 NHS year in 34 NHS cataract surgical centres across England. This represents about 20% of all eligible cataract surgery during this period. The first phase of the audit found that none of the outcomes for the contributing surgeons and centres fell outside the nationally acceptable statistical range for the 2014-15 NHS year audited.

An executive summary of the annual report is available to download from this page

The full report is available to download here

A press release is available to view here

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National Opthalmology Database Audit – Executive Summary