Quality improvement in the national clinical audit programme

This page provides information and resources to support the use of the national clinical audit and patient outcome programme (NCAPOP) to stimulate healthcare quality improvement.

A quality improvement strategy guide for NCAPOP providers

We have written a guide for NCAPOP providers. This guide summarises best practice for promoting quality improvement and provides a suggested structure for NCAPOP quality improvement plans.

Examples of NCAPOP provider plans:

Examples of NCAPOP quality improvement projects


Quality improvement resources to support healthcare providers

We have produced a guide to quality improvement. The guide brings together twelve quality improvement methods, providing an overview of each and practical advice on how and when to implement them, with illustrative case examples.

Additional quality improvement guides and tools are available via the following links.

The National Quality Improvement (inc Clinical Audit) Network (N-QI-CAN) brings together the regional clinical audit/effectiveness networks from across England. There are 13 regional clinical networks all of whom have representatives attending quarterly N-QI-CAN meetings. Wales and Northern Ireland are also represented on the group.  As well as their website, NQICAN also hosts a forum for the collaboration and sharing of clinical audit & other QI resources.