Our services: Using data for improvement

How can we help?

To ensure that healthcare services are designed around evidence-based insights, we understand that the use of data in isolation is not enough. It needs to be the right data interpreted in the right way, and progress must be measured against appropriate standards and guidance to achieve meaningful change.

Clinical audit foundation
Our half-day induction course offers a firm base to maximise the potential of national clinical audit, and covers: What data is relevant to you, how to find it, and what to do with it. See example agenda here.

  • For individuals or groups
  • Online, to support easy attendance
  • 3 hour course: £1,500 per session (up to 15 attendees).

Data, data, data
Our full-day interactive training looks at how to improve your approach to measuring and monitoring progress against standards, using data to understand, plan and make decisions. See example agenda here.

  • For teams who want to use data to measure and build consensus for change
  • Online or face-to-face, to support your needs
  • Full day training: £3,500 per session (up to 15 attendees).

Putting the effective into clinical effectiveness
Bespoke support package to develop Quality Improvement (QI) plans that are based around your data and insights. Designed to realise the value of clinical audit by identifying and implementing changes that will demonstrate impact to both clinicians and patients/carer representatives.

  • Can be focused on a team, discrete clinical area or theme
  • In-situ expert support and/or online support, as best meets your needs
  • 3 to 5 days: £5,000 – £10,000 (depending on complexity and level of support required.


Contact us: For more details about how we could help your organisation or to discuss your specific needs, email [email protected].