Our services: Harnessing expert insights

How can we help?

Improvements are only meaningful if they meet the needs of those at the centre of your work. Our experts offer significant knowledge and expertise in a range of fields, applied within healthcare, in addition to access to an unrivalled network of cross-sector stakeholders who can help you to deliver relevant change and demonstrate impact. Services include:

Engaging with patients, carers and the community
We can advise on how to develop strategies to work effectively with patients, their carers and representative groups and the wider community. Our support includes:

  • Best practice approaches to setting up patient forums and panels
  • Designing projects to ensure they have a patient focus embedded from the outset
  • Advice on supporting patients to contribute to projects and championing QI initiatives

Connecting with policy
From policy roundtable events through to think tanks with leading experts, we can support you to connect with policy, understand their drivers and identify opportunities for on-going liaison around improving clinical effectiveness. Our knowledge spans a wide range of topics (see the full range of our audits and registries here). Examples of previous reports and outputs aimed at engaging those who plan and set strategies for healthcare include:


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