Presentations from ‘Reporting for Impact’ and information governance event now live

Published: 14 Jun 2016

Presentations are now live from HQIP’s March 2016 NCAPOP supplier workshop, covering ‘Reporting for Impact’ and then information governance.

Maximise impact from NCAPOP reporting

The session was based around HQIP’s newly published Reporting for Impact guidance and introduced by NHS England clinical programme lead Richard Arnold. It featured presentations from a variety of NCAPOP representatives as well as the Twins and Multiple Births Association. The session provided an opportunity to review and critique previous national report press releases and executive summaries to focus thinking on how best to frame key messages.

Copies of the presentations are available to view here:

Information governance and data sharing

The second session, on information governance, was introduced by Matthew Wolton, partner at Clark Holt Commercial Solicitors, who provided the background to and current requirements of the Data Protection Act. This informed group discussions around HQIP’s proposed new data sharing processes, forms and guidance which will underpin future release of data collected across the NCAPOP programme for the purposes of research and service evaluation by third parties. HQIP has since consulted widely on these documents and hopes to publish these from June 2016.

Copies of the presentations are available to view here: