New QI publication from HQIP

Published: 04 Nov 2022

We are pleased to share a new FREE online publication from HQIP, which is designed to support Quality Improvement (QI) in healthcare. Aimed at anyone passionate about improving patient outcomes through evidence-based services, CORNERSTONE is a magazine-like publication that features short articles on key issues.

The 2023 edition features the following topics:

  • National data opt-out
  • Patient safety
  • The impact of national clinical audit
  • Engaging patients
  • Health inequalities
  • Focusing on the right data for impact.

It also contains a range of support and other information such as QI resources, reports, infographics and case studies.

Each article is a short, easy-read around key issues, with links to more detailed information online if required. As such, we hope that it is something that busy professionals will be able to dip in and out of as needed, and will share with colleagues.

READ ONLINE: CORNERSTONE 2023 can be found at

PLEASE SHARE: Share this online publication with Quality Improvement (QI), audit and clinical effectiveness professionals, NHS managers and commissioners, and clinicians as well as anyone involved in planning, delivering or receiving healthcare.

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Finally, we would love to hear your feedback via a short online survey (it should only take five minutes of your time, and will be invaluable in ensuring this publication meets your needs).