End of life care audit pilot calls for volunteers

Published: 27 Aug 2015


A pilot project for the End of Life Care audit has gone live with a call for volunteer sites to participate in the upcoming pilot audit, set to commence in April this month.     

Managed by the Royal College of Physicians, the audit is designed to ensure that the five priorities for care of the dying person outlined in the document ‘One Chance to Get it Right’ are monitored at a national level.

The overarching aim of this audit is to improve the quality of care and services for patients who have reached the end of their life, that die in hospitals in England – a number which accounts for over half of all deaths in England.

Further details on the priorities of care being audited can be accessed at https://www.rcplondon.ac.uk/resources/end-life-care-audit-dying-hospital

NB: while HQIP has commissioned this audit on behalf of NHS England it is not currently part of NCAPOP or Quality Accounts