Influencing Organisational Change case study

Published: 27 Nov 2023

Ella Howard, Assistant Psychologist, Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service, Cambridgeshire Community Services was a winner in the Influencing Organisational Change category of the 2023 Clinical Audit Heroes Awards (run as part of Clinical Audit Awareness Week). One of five categories in 2023, this category recognises clinical audits and projects that have supported meaningful change at Board or other senior management level…

The Peer-to-Peer clinical record keeping auditing programme was conducted within the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service (EHWS) to improve compliance against a set of service specific record keeping standards, and support staff with the maintenance and improvement of clinical record keeping. Its aims included:

  • Reduce negative connotations behind ‘audits’ and create a culture of collaborative continual learning.
  • Improve compliance of record keeping standards, with compliance against audit standards aimed at 85% minimum compliance, with the goal of 100%.
  • Increase consistency across documentation entries by helping staff to consistently enter in the information that feeds into datasets for accurately evidencing service reports and targets.
  • Develop a ‘gold standard’ of how practitioners should be recording to support excellent client care.

Read the case study in full here.