Clinical Audit Heroes - 2017 Hall of Fame


Who's your #AuditHero?

To coincide with Clinical Audit Awareness Week 2017 we launched our second 'Clinical Audit Heroes' campaign - a celebration of the individuals making a positive difference using audit and quality improvement. Nominees can be a clinician, a patient volunteer, a paramedic, an audit manager - anyone whose actions have helped to improve patient care.

This year we have detailed three stand out nominees but every nominee is a true #AuditHero - please scroll down for the full #CAAW Hall of Fame.  

#Audit Hero - Dr Stuart Gill, Anaesthetics Consultant

Stuart works for the Emergency Medical and Retrieval Service in Wales - also known as the Welsh Flying Medics.

So, what makes Stuart an Audit Hero?

"EMRTS Cymru has introduced a range of pioneering pre-hospital medical treatments. This includes administering a range of blood and blood products, as well as the ability to use anaesthesia.

Dr Gill personally set up a robust continual audit process within the service, which includes detailed reviews of a number of evidence-based key performance indicators, senior clinical review, and feedback to individual staff as well as the wider staff group. This has led to a number of improvements in care and changes to internal standard operating procedures, with re-audit measuring the effectiveness of the interventions. The comprehensiveness of his work has also enabled the service to robustly defend its governance process and has been anecdotally cited in other clinical areas as being a standard of audit to aspire to."

Nominated by: EMRTS Team

Find out more about the work of the EMRTS by visiting

#Audit Hero - Theresa Crowley, Physiotherapist

Theresa works as a Physiotherapist for Solent NHS Trust. 

So, what makes Theresa an Audit Hero?

"At the start of the year, Theresa undertook a new role as clinical effectiveness lead for her team. In this vital role, Theresa has supported staff within her team to pro-actively engage with audit. Theresa, has led her team by example, completing an excellent audit, that linked with primary care services, to provide timely access to care, reduce burden upon GP appointments, and provide the basis for a consultation regarding a newly commissioned pathway.

Theresa has positively embraced and championed the clinical value of audit in a community Trust. Her positive attitude,willingness to go the extra mile, ability to lead by example and to support others, has led to audit becoming established as part of the clinical culture of her team. The work of Theresa has led to an increase in the number and quality of audits. Importantly tangible improvements in patient care and the working environment for her team have also been noted. One such change as a direct result is a newly introduced period of fifteen minutes administration time prior to the clinical day due to proven improvements in staff well-being and productivity with no negative impact upon patient care."

Nominated by: Dr Lindsay Cherry, NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Podiatric Rheumatology, University of Southampton and Solent NHS Trust

Find out more about the work of Solent's Physiotherapy department by visiting

#Audit Hero - Ben Woodhart, Senior Paramedic

Ben is a Senior Paramedic for the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust

So, what makes Ben an Audit Hero?

"Ben works tirelessly, largely in his own time, to help ensure that the best possible care is delivered to our patients and that clinical information and quality improvement messages reach as many staff as possible. He has been directly involved with the London Ambulance Service Clinical Audit and Research Unit (CARU) since 2010 helping to direct and influence the LAS's research and clinical audit programmes through membership of Trust's Clinical Audit and Research Steering Group.

More recently, he joined our monthly clinical audit meetings, providing invaluable clinical advice to our audit projects. He has even undertaken his own clinical audit which resulted in a change to a treatment protocol.

As an impressive example of making the LAS great,  Ben approached us regarding a role he created called CARU Staff Engagement Facilitator, which he offered to undertake on a completely voluntarily basis. His vision for this role was to bridge the gap between clinical staff and the provision of clinical information. During this past year he has produced infographics for every report that produced by CARU. These infographics have transformed the way we communicate information to our clinical staff.

Ben has a natural ability to turn complex figures into images and infographics which are fun, capture attention, are easy to understand and memorable whilst raising awareness of important issues including mental health, alcohol intoxication, cardiac arrest, stroke care, to name but a few. He has also, again in his own time, produced a short DVD on 'Time is Brain' which highlights to frontline staff the importance of quickly recognising stroke symptoms and getting patients to a specialist facility as fast as possible."

Nominated by: Joanna Shaw, Clinical Audit Manager, London Ambulance Service NHS Trust and Rachael Fothergill, Head of Clinical Audit and Research, London Ambulance NHS Trust

Find out more about the work of the London Ambulance Service by visiting

The 2017 #AuditHero Hall of Fame - heroes to a woman and man!

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NQICAN regional network chairs and representatives

Sheffield CCG - Lisa Renshaw

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Solent NHS Trust - Jacqui Young and Val Ebbens

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Solent NHS Trust - Susan Milne - Alison Gregory and Colin Barnes

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