HQIP Declaration of Interests form

All interests that might unduly influence an individual’s judgement and objectivity in the conduct of or award of HQIP business should be declared. If in doubt, please declare all interests.

Particular consideration should be given to interests involving payment or financial inducement or any reputational interest that might affect the business under consideration or award of any contract linked to HQIP business.

The ‘Process for declaring interests and dealing with conflicts of interest’ document should be read in conjunction with this form (please also see below for a summary table of HQIP definitions of declaration of interest). This form provides details regarding the type of interest that should be declared.

The time period for relevant interests is 12 months before involvement in HQIP business.

HQIP definitions of declaration of interest

This section should be read in conjunction with the HQIP ‘Process for declaring interests and dealing with conflicts of interest’.

Personal financial interest

Anything of monetary value, including payments for services, business interests, equity interests, including stocks, stock options or other ownership interests and intellectual property rights, including patents and copyrights and royalties arising from such interests.

Non personal financial interest

Where there is or appears to be opportunity for personal financial gain or financial gain to a direct family member.

Personal non financial interest

Where there is opinion on the matter, work programme or service under consideration.

Please complete and submit this form.

    Data Protection Act

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    Our privacy policy is regularly updated on the HQIP website and provides further detail on the bases and purposes for processing your information. It also states how you can exercise your individual rights.