Hear from our Heroes: Clinical Practitioner of the Year (national)

Published: 02 Sep 2020

For me personally it was a fabulous and unexpected pleasure to have received the award last year. But in reality, this really recognised the great team at the CRANE Database based at the Clinical Effectiveness Unit, Royal College of Surgeons, I had worked with since 2008. It gave the whole team immense satisfaction to think how their work had been recognised by peers for delivering excellence and impacting patient care through the constructive use of data and data linkage.

It supported us to be a bit more vocal about the positives of the project and therefore we were able to use this award to raise awareness of our work and the impact on clinical practice it had influenced through social media and other communication channels at a local and a national level. It also gives me the opportunity to say publically how much I enjoyed working with the team and appreciated the excellence their contributed during my tenure.

Personally the award helped raise my own profile within a large organisation I am employed, a NHS Trust, which has contributed to my own career development and progress by being offered further leadership roles. I would wholly recommend submitting a nomination for those helping to improve patient care through the use of data and audit processes and by doing so recognising them for their achievements.

Mr Scott Deacon, Clinical Project Lead for Cleft Registry and Audit NEtwork (CRANE) Database at Royal College of Surgeons

To find out how to make a nomination for the 2020 Audit Heroes Awards, visit our dedicated awards page