Hear from our Heroes: Clinical Audit Professional of the Year (National)

Published: 04 Sep 2020

I felt like an expert.

It was fabulous to hear I had been awarded one of the Audit Hero awards, National Clinical Audit Professional of the Year, on my birthday last year. The timing felt perfect, day one of CAAW, the middle of my team’s opening event with a room-filled coffee morning and don’t forget, also my birthday! I felt like I’d made it, I had been recognised as an expert in my field.

I have worked in clinical audit since the ‘90s, worked in NHS Trusts and as a national clinical audit supplier at NICOR, UCL. I have lead regional network groups, sit on national groups including NQICAN and the national clinical audit steering groups for the Royal College of Psychiatry.

It was lovely to receive a certificate – now sat in my office next to my long service award – and I felt proud when my CEO congratulated me in one of her blogs. What I didn’t expect was the reaction of the Royal College of Psychiatry at my next visit: an amazing letter of congratulations and gratitude from the ‘boss’ along with the most amazing flower-filled hat-box, which even withstood the journey home to Lancashire on the train.

I recommend we all consider the people working at any level in clinical audit for nomination for an award. Awards boost individual morale and profile as well as team morale and profile. I recommend that any organisation with an employee who has been given such an award is recognised as an ambassador of good practice, an expert in their field and the award is used at every occasion possible. The year has gone by very quickly; but I can tell you, this award is definitely listed on my CV.

Linda Chadburn
Clinical Effectiveness & Quality Improvement Lead
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and Royal College of Psychiatry

To find out how to make a nomination for the 2020 Audit Heroes Awards, visit our dedicated awards page