Clinical Audit Awareness Week 2020 – Promotional Toolkit

Promoting CAAW20

Clinical Audit Awareness Week (23-27 November 2020) is a national annual campaign to promote and celebrate the benefits and impact of clinical audit and quality improvement work in healthcare. This includes hospitals, GP practices, hospices and residential nursing care.

To support your CAAW20 activities in your workplace, here are some resources you can download and share. You’re free to adapt these materials for your organisation or team but please do not remove the HQIP or NQICAN branding.

Show your appreciation and thanks to your colleagues You can give them a certificate to let them know how much you appreciate their support; send them a thank you card or postcard; or email your thanks with an e-card. Use the animated e-card to share your thanks on social media.

Promote #CAAW20 with our range of social media and digital materials. This year, we’ve included a mobile phone background/lock screen image and desktop wallpaper as well as our usual social media graphics and event poster. Please make sure to check with your infection prevention and control team if you’re hosting an event to ensure compliance with Covid-19 restrictions.

Encourage Audit Hero award submissions. We’ll be accepting nominations for this year’s Audit Heroes Awards from 1 September 2020 to 14 October 2020.

*crop marks are provided in case you’re working with an in-house or commercial printing company

Social media and CAAW20

Join in the celebrations by sharing what you’re doing on social media. Ask your organisation’s communications team about the clinical audit team hosting a Twitter takeover, where you take over the reins of the corporate account for a day to give followers an insight into your work. This gives you an opportunity to explain your usual role and take people with you through your day.

If that’s not possible, ask your communications team for advice about how you can support them to promote clinical audit.

Whether you’re posting on your organisation’s social media account or your own, remember to join the conversation by using the hashtag #CAAW20.

If you want to post a photo, please make sure everyone in shot has given their consent not just for their photo to be taken but also for it to be shared on social media. Your organisation may have a signed consent form – check with your communications team. A camera phone will produce sufficiently good quality images – remember to use the highest resolution available when posting or sharing.

Some social media platforms allow you to include an image description so you don’t exclude people with visual impairments. You can add this by clicking at the bottom of the picture you’re uploading.

Template for newsletters and press releases

This content is provided as a template to help you share your news. Please personalise it by making it specific to you and your team. You can use the content on your intranet, hospital magazine or newsletter, and share it with your local media.  Please contact your communication team to make sure you’re following your organisation’s procedures and protocols.

The quote is suggested text – please adapt it to make it relevant to your department or organisation. 

Include photographs where possible. A camera phone will produce sufficiently good quality images – remember to use the highest resolution available.

Template for your promotional content

The clinical audit team at [ORGANISATION NAME} will be in the spotlight this week as part of a national campaign to celebrate the role of clinical audit in improving patient care and services.

Clinical Audit Awareness Week (23-27 November 2020) is a national annual campaign to promote and celebrate the benefits and impact of clinical audit and quality improvement work in health care organisations including hospitals, GP practices and hospices.

Clinical audit is a way to find out if health services are meeting local and national standards and targets. It lets care providers and patients know where their service is doing well, and where there could be improvements.

[NAME], [JOB TITLE] AT [ORGANISATION NAME], said: “By making reliable data available, clinical audits help to improve the care our patients receive. They provide the evidence to show when we’re getting it right and help us to identify areas where we need to focus our improvement efforts.  

“Although they aren’t the most visible of all our employees, the clinical audit team provides a vital role. That’s why we’re delighted to take part in Clinical Audit Awareness Week.

Jane Ingham, chief executive of Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership, said: “Many of us working in the health and care sector have observed that there has never before been a period so dependent on the quick and accurate collection and analysis of data, with public awareness of the value and impact of this work at an unprecedented high.

On the one hand, some routine audit work has paused to allow organisations to focus their efforts on responding to Covid-19 while on the other hand, we’ve seen remarkable responses and adaptions to make sure the management of patients and the service recovery from the pandemic is supported. Throughout the UK, at national and local level, there’s been a need to learn and adapt swiftly and the clinical audit community has played no small part in this evidence-based improvement process.

We hope to celebrate examples of this recent work in our Audit Hero Awards, the highlight of Clinical Audit Awareness Week. There’s no doubt that clinical audit teams are among the unsung heroes of the health and care sector.”

To mark Clinical Audit Awareness Week, the team will be [INSERT DETAILS ABOUT COVID-19 SAFE ACTIVITY TAKING PLACE DURING THE WEEK]

Clinical Audit Awareness Week incorporates the Audit Heroes Awards where individuals and teams who make an outstanding contribution to clinical audit and patient care are recognised. Winners are selected from nominations made and announced during Clinical Audit Awareness Week.



Clinical Audit Awareness Week is a national campaign spearheaded by Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) and National Quality Improvement (including Clinical Audit) Network (N-QI-CAN).

More information is available at and

The social media hashtag is #CAAW20