Specialist Societies Mapping Document

HQIP has created a mapping document acting as a central list of specialist societies and their role in clinical audit. This is of value to anyone looking for a quick guide to the diversity of specialist bodies, and their contact details, including, where available, the leads on audit.

The specialist bodies are the centres of expertise for their discipline. HQIP's own website provides a range of generic resources on clinical audit, but does not provide specific support for audits of specialist areas of practice as we believe this is best delivered by specialist bodies. This resource tries to show who these are.

A website link is given for every organisation cited.  This list is not yet exhaustive and inclusion does not necessarily imply an organisation is active in clinical audit. We have used classifications provided by Royal Colleges for their sub-specialties.

HQIP is available to support colleges in this work, ensuring there is commonality in the messages given about audit and helping to advise on both process and possible activity to support audit. We can give technical advice on development of audit programmes and discuss ideas at the development stage. We can also help communicate audit activity to our extensive membership lists of audit specialists at local Trust level.

Through our online professional networking system NCAF (National Clinical Audit Forum), we provide the platform for special interest groups link-up, network and share resources.

Periodically HQIP is able to support individual colleges develop specific resources for their members, especially where there are needs to improve clinical audit in specific areas of clinical practice. If your society or college has ideas for new initiatives to support clinical audit, please contact us with these.

This table also identifies links to those national audits in that specialism, which may be run by the professional body identified here, or as is often the case, by that body working in partnership with others. Although these audits are primarily listed against a single discipline, of course many audits cross boundaries.



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