Social care guidance and resources

Care audit resources for social care professionals

HQIP will develop two guidance resources for social care professionals looking to develop care audit within their local care setting.

Both 'Care audit: A guide for leaders' and 'Care audit: A practice manual for frontline leaders and teams' will be produced in consultation with the sector, to give practical advice for enacting care audit within social care settings.

This guidance will show how a simple, proven approach, care audit, is flexible enough to be used in almost any social care environment, from a single team or care home to a large national provider organisation. These resources are due for publication in 2014. 

Care audit: A guide for leaders

This guide will describe the benefits of care audit to people using services, organisations, teams and individuals, provides an overview of the process and set out the role of operational and strategic leaders in implementing care audit within their organisation, as part of a whole-systems approach to quality and service improvement.   

Care audit: A practice manual for frontline leaders and teams

This manual will set out a step-by-step approach to carrying out care audit using a quality improvement cycle approach.

At its most basic, a care audit involves reviewing the way care is provided against agreed and proven standards for high quality, taking action to improve practice to meet these standards, then re-measuring to identify and make further improvements.

By applying systematic approaches to reviewing the impact of care within the sector, organisations themselves and the people using their services can understand whether all the different elements that contribute to quality as a whole are working.

Further details will be announced in the eBulletin.

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