Provider governance

HQIP has an ongoing commitment to ensuring the provider boards of health and social care organisations pay attention to good practice in governance.

Much of our existing Guidance & Support will be relevant to these groups, but January 2012 saw the launch of the first in a series of provider-specific resources with the Good Governance Guide.

See the Good Governance Guide here >>

The Good Governance Guide will be followed in early 2012 by two more learning resources, firstly for non-executive directors and internal auditors, and then for medical or nursing directors on boards. The whole set of resources is designed to ensure the place of good clinical governance and oversight of clinical effectiveness within integrated board governance practice.

"The challenges facing providers are immense, and the need for them to focus on matters of quality and probity were highlighted in our previous board guidance on clinical audit," commented HQIP Chief Executive Robin Burgess. "Good quality clinical care flows from good governance at board level, where clinical governance is fully integrated into governance as a whole. This new resource is a general guide to good, integrated governance, and offers in one single, easy to use handbook all the key essentials of governance that in turn will ensure high quality care for patients."

• The Good Governance Institute, co-authors of this handbook with HQIP, have a range of resources on their own website, which offer help to boards in achieving good governance. The link to these is found here.


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