Accessing and uploading NCAPOP data

HQIP is committed to making data available.  Data from NCAPOP is available for use without license or restriction on, for patients, public, researchers, developers and healthcare professions. brings data together in one searchable website. Making this data easily available means it will be easier for people to make decisions and suggestions about government policies based on detailed information.

Each dataset is available at the granularity level of the published report (eg team level, Trust level). We do not make patient level data available, and our datasets do not make any patients identifiable.

How do I access the data?

HQIP has published more than 50 datasets on All NCAPOP projects publish the data contained in their annual reports soon after the report publication. 

Access the data

To access data that is not published on, please see information on HQIP's data access request process.

How do I upload my data? Guidance for NCAPOP projects is a portal only and does not actually host any data. The datasets are instead hosted on the individual audit providers' websites.

In order to make the data accessible, audit providers need to sign up for an account via the website and request to be registered as an editor under the entity of HQIP.  Guidance for audit providers can be found below.

See HQIP's guidance: setting up a account and publishing data (published November 2014) 

NCAPOP teams needing further information, please contact your HQIP project manager. 

How to apply for data access

  1. Please familiarise yourself with the Data access request process (pdf) and contact to request a copy of the Data sharing agreement document and the Data access request form
  2. Once you are satisfied you agree to the terms of the Data sharing agreement, which you will need to sign before your application is considered, return it with your fully completed and signed Data access request form and email both to
  3. HQIP will acknowledge receipt and put the application forward to the next monthly Data Access Request Group (DARG), provided the application is submitted more than seven days before that meeting. If submitted less than seven working days before the next meeting it will be reviewed at the following meeting
  4. The DARG will approve or reject the application or produce queries which will need to be resolved before the application can be approved
  5. Within seven working days of the DARG meeting, notice of approval, rejection or queries will be sent to the applicant. If queries are to be answered the application may need to go back to the following DARG meeting for further review

Other information resources

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Data access request form

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